Lawyer For The Purchase And Sale Of A Business Or Franchise

Entrepreneurs who intend to purchase a franchise or business, as well as owners looking to sell, should seek legal advice early in the process. Often, an initial investigation into a potential transaction will have legal ramifications. A corporate lawyer is best equipped to protect a party's interests both before and during a business sale.

Reddington & White has offered a full range of corporate law services to business clients in Mississauga since 1988. Frequently, our services for buy-sell transactions intersect with our commercial real estate services, as we assist with lease agreements and property purchases. We have both the sophistication and dedication to personal service necessary to provide high-level services in a client-focused manner.

Factors To Consider In A Business Sale

Potential purchasers should investigate the details of the business, including financial statements, major contracts and suppliers. At this stage, potential sellers may request a nondisclosure agreement that prohibits the purchaser from revealing details he or she is privy to. Legal counsel can draft or review such an agreement to protect his or her client's interests.

Once the sale is to proceed, it must be clarified what is to be bought and who the purchaser is. The buyer may be an individual or a company created by an individual. The subject of the sale might be the assets of the business or its shares. Once these and other important details are established, legal counsel can guide you through all aspects of the transaction.

Legal Advice For Franchise Purchase Or Sale

Purchase of a franchise is a specific legal transaction that requires sound legal advice to execute properly. At Reddington & White, we are able to advise and represent business owners and entrepreneurs on franchise agreements and other aspects of the process.

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