Lawyer For Construction Liens

The construction lien system in Ontario is designed to give those in the construction industry a means to ensure payment for services rendered. Although lien rights arise as soon as a contractor or subcontractor supplies goods, materials or services to a construction project, the lien must be registered before it can be enforced.

Construction liens are a complex and specific area of law. Those with lien rights often have a great deal at stake, both in terms of the funds owed and the reputation of their business. Retaining an experienced lawyer such as the counsel at Reddington & White can ensure that all aspects of lien litigation are handled appropriately.

Holdbacks And Lien Rights

Construction projects are often described as a pyramid, with the owner hiring a contractor who, in turn, hires subcontractors to provide materials and services. Ontario law requires that each level hold back a certain percentage of funds from payment one level below for the benefit of the party two levels below. This is because subcontractors do not have a direct contractual relationship with the project owner.

Reddington & White handles all aspects of construction lien litigation, from the initial lien registration through all aspects of dispute resolution. While our legal counsel is always prepared to go to court to advance the interests of our clients, these issues are often effectively resolved through mediation. This is often more cost-effective than going to court and protects the professional reputations of the parties involved.

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