Legal Assistance For Child Custody And Spousal Support

When a relationship breaks down, parents must plan for the care of their children. The terms "child custody," "child support" and "spousal support" refer to arrangements that fulfill those obligations to their children and to each other. Often, people can create a plan that encompasses all of these issues, taking into account their unique circumstances.

Mississauga families may choose to resolve their issues outside of court, and at Reddington & White, we support this approach. While hiring a lawyer means that you have representation available if you need to go before a judge, often the optimal resolution for you and your children can be achieved through alternative means.

Creating A Tailored Plan For Your Separation

A consultation with Reddington & White can include a discussion of your options if you are contemplating separation. In addition to property division and finances, separation involves legal issues directly affecting you and your children:

  • Child custody: Parents still remain parents, even after separation or divorce. Custody is about how much time each parent will spend as the children's primary caregiver. This also encompasses decisions about the children's education and medical care.
  • Child support: In Ontario, child support is calculated based on income and the number of children. It may be closely tied to the custody arrangement.
  • Spousal support: Although there are guidelines that outline entitlement, amount and duration of spousal support, this is often a matter of negotiation between former partners. In general, it is intended to prevent one spouse from suffering economic devastation when the relationship ends. If the couple had a marriage contract (prenuptial agreement), it can affect the amount and duration of spousal support.

Usually, the goal of separation negotiations is a separation agreement. This resolves all issues between former spouses so they can apply, if necessary, to a court for an uncontested divorce.

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