Lawyer For Separation Agreements

When a relationship ends, spouses must resolve issues related to co-parenting, division of property and support. For most couples, this resolution ultimately takes the form of a separation agreement, which is a legal contract that lays out the agreed-upon terms. The agreement can be enforced by a court later if need be, but spouses do not have to go before a judge to create one.

Reddington & White has been providing family law services in Mississauga since 1988 and favours a nonadversarial approach to divorce for most couples. While we are always prepared to go to court and work fully in our clients' best interests regardless of the legal forum, spouses often prefer to negotiate a settlement on their own without court intervention.

Concluding Major Issues Upon Relationship Breakdown

Separation agreements are used by married and common-law spouses alike. A separation agreement effectively ends the relationship for common-law spouses, but for married people, an agreement is used to apply for an uncontested divorce. All major issues are addressed in a separation agreement, including:

  • Property division, including the matrimonial home, liquid assets and real property
  • Household asset division
  • Co-parenting arrangements, including child custody and major decisions on behalf of the children
  • Child support
  • Spousal support

While the law in Ontario has a great deal to say about these issues, there is usually tremendous flexibility, particularly in the area of co-parenting, to encourage parting spouses to come to a workable arrangement. At Reddington & White, we can represent your interests in negotiating a separation agreement, either in mediation or court if necessary.

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