Lawyer For Commercial Real Estate Transactions

Reddington & White offers commercial real estate services as part of its corporate law practice. Our lawyer serves local Mississauga businesses, as well as developers and builders of commercial properties throughout the region. Clients trust the quality, expediency and efficiency of our legal services, which we have provided over the past two decades.

As a full-service firm, Reddington & White has comprehensive experience with commercial real estate and related areas of law, such as construction and corporate litigation. We use this knowledge to provide effective representation to clients with complex legal issues, be it a contractual dispute or bureaucratic challenges in the completion of a new development.

Serving The Broader Needs Of Businesses

Rarely is a commercial real estate transaction a simple matter of a standard form contract. If the property at issue is still in development, there may be legal matters involving contractors and subcontractors. Often, when established businesses choose to relocate, they rebuild or remodel the premises and require additional legal advice to ensure a smooth transition. To meet these needs, we offer broad and varied services that cover:

  • Purchase and sale of commercial properties
  • Financing agreements with institutional and private lenders
  • Environmental assessments
  • Municipal and rezoning applications
  • Commercial leases
  • Construction liens
  • Commercial real estate disputes

Reddington & White is committed to providing cost-effective and qualified legal advice. Our dedication to service means business owners can quickly access a member of our team when they require information.

Contact The Firm

To arrange a legal consultation, call the office at 289-805-6276 in Mississauga (toll free 866-684-2239 in Ontario) or send an email.