Lawyer For Estate Administration And Probate

Following the passing of a loved one, detailed legal issues must be resolved. Whether the person died intestate or had a will, family members are tasked with handling the estate. Many specific legal procedures must be followed, making a lawyer the best source of advice and guidance.

At Reddington & White, we ensure that the probate process is completed efficiently and expediently, to minimize the stress on families. We are a respected, full-service law firm that is dedicated to personal contact with clients, and we have been part of the Mississauga community since 1988.

Estate Trustee Responsibilities

In Ontario, what was once called "letters probate" is now called "certificate of appointment of estate trustee with a will." It grants the trustee, formerly called the executor, the authority to handle the estate. If the deceased did not have a will, a similar document grants a person the authority to administer the estate.

Our lawyer at Reddington & White will help you through all aspects of the administration and probate process, from the appointment of estate trustee through to all aspects of handling the estate. The duties of an estate trustee can include:

  • Informing beneficiaries
  • Selling assets and distributing proceeds to beneficiaries
  • Closing bank accounts
  • Referring a tax advisor for filing a final tax return and informing government authorities about the death
  • Cancelling subscriptions

Regardless of whether substantial assets are involved, our lawyer can provide trustees with the peace of mind that they have met their obligations to the estate and to their loved ones. Our firm also represents clients in estate litigation in the event of a dispute.

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