Lawyer For Estate Litigation

Broadly speaking, estate litigation is the resolution of a dispute over any aspect of an estate or the actions of a trustee. Commonly, these disputes involve family members who hold different opinions about the issues at stake. As a result, the disputes are often emotional and legally complex.

We at Reddington & White are sensitive to the personal and legal implications of an estate litigation dispute. While our lawyer is a vigilant representative for the interests of his clients, he will not hesitate to pursue out-of-court methods to resolve disputes. Given our firm's long history in Mississauga, we have the necessary experience to provide our clients with such options.

Experienced And Dynamic Representation In Will Disputes

Estate disputes often involve a beneficiary who wishes to overturn a will or have a will varied for any of several reasons. The team at Reddington & White is well-versed in the estate litigation process in Ontario, representing people who want to challenge or defend a will in the face of accusations such as:

  • The will maker lacked mental capacity.
  • The will maker was unduly influenced.
  • The will is fraudulent.
  • The will maker did not leave proper provisions to beneficiaries.
  • The will does not meet technical requirements.

In addition to pursuing litigation around the terms of a will, estate or trust, Reddington & White assists clients with the passing of accounts process. This is a legal procedure that requires estate trustees or individuals acting under the authority of a power of attorney to produce documentation showing how they have handled the funds entrusted to them.

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