Lawyer For Estate Planning: Wills And Powers Of Attorney

Wills and powers of attorney are important documents that establish who gets your property upon your passing and who is to make decisions in your stead if you are incapable. Because of the impact on your family and your own care later in life, due care and attention should be taken when preparing a will and designating an attorney.

Speaking with a lawyer about your will does not have to be difficult or stressful. At Reddington & White, we make the process easy. Our lawyer sits down with clients in our Mississauga office and reviews their affairs in detail. As we are committed to accessibility and personal service, we welcome ongoing contact from clients who have further questions about estate planning.

Purposes Of Estate Documents

In Ontario, a will can serve several functions. In addition to designating who will receive your financial assets, your will can include provisions for items of specific importance. You are also empowered to make charitable bequests and may name a preferred guardian for minor children. Often, a will is drawn up in conjunction with trusts and other testamentary tools that give full effect to a person's wishes.

Through a power of attorney document, you can assign attorneys for personal care and for property. This gives the designated person the authority to make financial, legal or health care decisions on your behalf if you become mentally incapable. When you meet with a lawyer at Reddington & White, we can discuss this process in depth and what the responsibility means for your designated attorney.

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